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*amy's p.o.v*
*beep!* went the sound of my alarm clock, I looked at the time and realised it was 06:30 I rolled over, thoughts running in my mind trying to escape my mouth, I had moved from my home town where things didnt seem perfect, crimes were always commited there and nothing but sirens went on all night, the school I went to had serious gangs that always seem to take girls and they would never return, never, one girl managed to escape but then disapeared from the saftey of her home and was never seen again, in my school there were pervets and sluty girls who tried to get me dessed in what they wear, short skirts, shirts that were too small for them and high heels. I was going into year five and I was sixteen, my friends back home said you have no shame to hide you body, I was always embarresed by them, as I got out of bed my long quills dropped down both sides of my face, I stared at my self in the mirror, I saw curved hips, waist that was almost perfect, thighs that were to my liking, I take out my new uniform and place it on my delicate body, a head band to hold my hair up, and some nice boots, the unifrom contained some elbowed shirts, a tie, and a nice skirt I took my school bag and my jacket and headed off to school.
When I arrived, my first impressions of the school was that it was peaceful but it had some twicks, I read in my form two months ago that I has a high expectation so I seemed pretty happy with it, I walked through the doors and straight away there was tones of lockers, you had some people making-out on their lockers, some of them almost ready to be stripped and it didnt look right, I gasped as I saw my ex-boyfriend here, he treated me terribly, tried to rape me, he kissed me and everything, I tried to hide my identity but it was truely toolate he spotted me and walked up to me, he had a gang of boys with him "Hey beauty what are you doing here?" I tried to keep on walking but he grabbed my arm and pulled me, so my body was against his, he moved his hands on to my waist "Anwser me pretty, or do I have to kiss you to get anwser out of you?" I started struggling, it was none of his biuness but just then "Hey!" yelled someone both me and Razer (my ex) turned our heads and saw before us, was blue hedehog "what sonic I was only helping this girl who fell over and she wont let me help her" he smircked deeply, the blue hedehog rolled his eyes in deisbelieve "just leave her alone Razer"
"okay" he pushed me away into sonic's arms making me blush, he caught me so easily, he looked down on to my face "you okay?"
"hmm yes......."
"do you know him?"
"uh yes I do actually he went to my old school and we had some history let me put it"
"ah okay, but sorry for being so rude my name is sonic, sonic the hedgehog and you are?"
"Amy, Amy Rose and its nice to met you sonic" I smiled which light up his face,  we stood there for a while in each other's arms, he staring at me with those beautiful emerald green eyes. He looked like he was getting closer and closer to me, but instead I tried snapping him out of this trance "Uh sonic?" he looked lost, I grew concerned, he pulled back, stil not letting me out of his arms, he smiled "So how did you met him?"
"Razer? Oh I met him years ago when we were in primary school and my first few years in high school we dated and let me say he did well tried to..... well I dont really want to bring the images back to mind"
"ah I understand, if you ever get stuck with him again just tell me and I will sort it out"
"aw thanks but I dont know if you can change the way he acts around me he will always try to find a way to get back to me some how like he did last time" sonic pulled me even closer, I felt my cheeks getting even hotter, his mouth feel down to my ear "Dont worry, I wont let anything happen to you" I smiled, but why was this happening now especially on my first day, the bell went and he pulled away "What do you have first?"
"uh english g24"
"same lets go, I am sure there is a spare seat next to me and shadow" he started pulled me, and before I knew it we were at the class he gladly opened the door "Mr Clark new girl!"
" ah yes miss rose please take a seat" sonic pulled me over to a seat next to his, on my other side was a black hedgehog with red stripes he seemed like he didnt care abut school alot but you always seem to get those guys somewhere not matter what, but when I turned to face him he smircked "he whats your name gorgous?"
"uh amy, amy rose"
"nice to meet you rose my name is shadow the hedgehog"
"nice to meet you too shadow" I turned to face the front of the class where the teacher was standng right infront of me "I know you may be new here miss rose but I do not terllent talking in my class thank you very much"
"sorry sir" he sat down in his sat and pulled out a sheet of paper, I looked on his desk, there didnt seem to be very much at all on it, it was practically nothing on there, sonic leaned over "we never do anything except watch movies and then read the books and pick out any details that werent featured in the movie, so we dont seem to do much here" he leaned back over before mr clark could notice me and sonic talking, he carried on and placed the dvd disc into the player, the movie was twilight, I blushed at the scene that reminded me of the posistion me and sonic were in earlier. We sat there for a ages, years I felt like I was going to fall alseep but finally came to the rescue the bell went,  I rushed out of the room and ran to my locker, I opened it and grabbed my math books, suddenly shadow closed my locker "shadow?" he came closer to me, I stepped back, this must be a dream, it just must, I quickly started running down the corridors, with a boy chasing me, I reached the hall and stopped, shadow came running over and jumped on me, "shadow get off me!"
"hmm..." he stared at me for a second, his eyes light up for some strange reason, and there we were infront of everyone, shadow on top of me, pinning my arms down while staring at me, what should I do, a wave a embarresment came over me. I turned my head and closed my eyes, I didnt know what he was going to do next all I had to do is hope he wouldnt do anything harmful to me infront of everyone in the school.
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SeanIsSonic Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012
I love this story! :D
Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next one! :)
mackenzie12345 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
i love it so far!
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