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The story ch.2

A few years past and Sonic and everyone had forgotten all about Amy and the way she was, that year Sonic went through some troubles finding his brother and Sister that had finally found their mum and becoming the prince of mobious and having even more fan girls follow him than before that really did love him and the other one that was annoying when he had to go through the pain that he had to marry soon. Sonic was now 16 and was in the few years of high school, but what he didn't know was that he was going to get a surprise from one special pink hedgehog.

Sonic ran to his first lesson and they had an announcement to make the head of the school came forward and spoke "School of mobious high we would be glady to welcome a princess from a near kingdom, please welcome princess Amy Rose!" The pink hedgehog stepped forward Sonic opened his eyes wide and noticed it was her at last from pre-school she was finally here "Sonic the prince of mobious will help you around since it is a prince's job to help a princess" Sonic got up and came to Amy's welcome and kissed her hand and she blushed, Sally jamp up and shouted "Stay away from Sonic you fake princess" Sally was mad enough from being removed from the throne because Sonic's mum was now back and she was moved to a rich house instead. Sonic kept Amy back and the teachers had to keep her down, Amy was scared Sonic picked her up and took her to the first lesson, when they, she finally realised that it was him from pre-school, Amy was let down she hugged him and she started to cry "It's you from pre-school, Sonic I have missed you so much, you don't what has happened to me in the last few years" he started to cry and held her in tightly, Sonic was so happy to finally see his beautiful Rose and he was just amazed on how she had grown. She was even more beautiful than ever, "Amy I am just so happy to see you, it's been years since you have left and you dont know what I have gone through too"
"Um, let me guess, your brother and sister finally came back with your mother and Sally got thrown off the throne and the whole Acorn family to be in a rich house instead of the castle Acorn which is now changed"
"Uh........ Yeah how did you know?"
"Sonic it was all the way across the news in my kingdom"
"Then why are you here?"
"Cause, everyone there likes me, like hell and its annoying having all the boys follow you"
"Don't tell me about it, with all the girls I dont think I can live like this anymore"
"Dont worry being royal has it's ups and downs but it will all turn out good in the end" Sonic smiled and he went into class with her and she held his hand they sat next to each other, Sally came in and came over and spoke really rudely to Amy "Hey you fake princess move!"
The guards came in and took Sally away for being so rude towards Amy she started to feel guilty and she was so annoyed and wondered on what was happening and she wanted to make herself normal but she couldnt do anything about it. When the bell went Amy quickly walked to the bath room and took out a red dress and some red and white boots and a red head band and changed into them when she came out no one could recognise he but Sonic could tell by her bright beautiful green eyes it was her, "Hey Amy why did you change your clothes?"
"Because they are hot and I can't be bothered wearing them all day I mean its annoying" Sonic nodded and took Amy to the hall where everyone was waiting.

(Break time)
Sonic was glad to have Amy back but at the same time it was awkward with Sally coming along and trying to kiss him and then guards taking her away, that always used to be him but "hey Amy can I ask you something?"
"Sure Sonic"
"Um.... how do I put it....... Um well will you come back to mine after school for some dinner?" Amy started blushing red and turned to her friends they nodded at her to say yes and Amy smiled and said "Sure why not it could be nice for a change getting away from my duties" Sonic smiled and hugged her "Sonic what's with all the hugging today do you usually do this?" he just kept her in and he wouldn't let go she wanted to go to her friends for two minutes before the bell went but it was too late, Sonic had hugged her for so long that Sally was furious she came over and smacked Amy and Sonic smacked Sally back for Amy ,Sally couldn't fight Sonic she knew he would kill her she ran off crying, he didn't want to leave Amy he stroked her soft pink quills and he made sure she was ok "You ok Ames?"
"Yeah I am fine just can feel a bump on my head, (Giggles) But I am alright"
"Ok" Sonic picked her up and took her to their next class and explained why they were late and he couldn't understand why Sally would hit her like that, he decided to pay Sally a visit at lunch time when it came.

(Fourth period)                             
Sonic and Amy held hands as they walked to their fourth period class, they were heading for their library period of the week and they entered they both grabbed a book Amy grabbed a big one the Guinness world records book and opened it for Sonic to see as well and they started chating behind the book So Ames excited for later on?"
"Sure am, why wouldnt I be, I mean I havent done this in ages well since I met you in pre-school I remember when I first came over to yours" Amy and Sonic both remembered what happened that day and Sonic coudnt believe she was coming over again this time for his mother to meet the love of his life. "Ok class put those books down and get out your cell phones and text me your numbers" everyone took out their ones and Amy was too shy to take out her's she had the new Iphone 4s and everyone wanted that "Come on Ames take out your one then I can get your number" Amy took out her pone and everyone saw it and gathered around she sighed and sonic could see that was why she didnt want to take her phone out he shouted "EVERYONE STEP AWAY FROM THE AWESOME PHONE NOW!!!" everyone went back and sat at their seats and started texting in their numbers.

(After school)
"Hey Sonic, bro over here!"
"Manic what are you doing here?"
"I am here to pick you up in the carriage"
"Well someone else is coming back with us today Miss Princess Amy Rose" Amy was changed in her dress again and Manic took a sign and saw how beautiful she was "Why hello, you must be miss Amy Rose" Manic kissed her on her hand
"Why thank you, you must be Manic, I have heard so much about you from where I come from you are all about what my friends talk about all the other girls like sonic though so I'd enjoy the time you have" Manic smiled and sonic came along and took her in the carriage and made sure she was alright and ready to meet his mother, she was really kind but had an insticknt of who should be with Sonic or not , thats what Sonic was worried about if Amy would pass his mother's test or not. When they arrived Sonic and Manic stepped out and helped Amy out of the carraige, her mother was waiting in the throne room Manic entered the room and spoke "Mother I would like to welcome back my brother and Princess Amy Rose, he is wondering if she could stay over for dinner"
"Ofcourse she may and let them come in now" Sonic and Amy entered , his mother stood up and smiled, as they were walking in Sonic's mother started walking towards them. When they met Sonic took a bow and hugged his mum, "Mother I would like you to meet princess Amy Rose she is new at school"
"It's nice to meet you Princess Amy Rose"
"It's nice to meet you to queen Aliena of mobious"
" Ok Why dont you Sonic go out into the garden and have some fun then" Sonic and Amy walk out into the garden and Amy sees it is full of choas she loved them so much, they start to fly around her and she starts to laugh to show she is happy to be around them.
While they were out side, Sonic's mother talked to Amy's father and talked about somehting that neither of them wanted to do just yet but it was royal duty to get married at a young age. So Queen Aliena and Amy's father talked about it and While them two ere talking across Amy and Sonic were having a laugh and playing about and running across the edge of the fountian splashing water at each other, at one point queen Aliena heard them and went outside and Amy's father could here it through the phone "King I think they should marry because they are having so much fun together and thats together forever and they will be having lots of laughs"
"Agreed queen you will tell Sonic and I will tell Amy when she gets back" The king hanged up and the queen kept on watching them, a storm started coming over it didnt look good so the queen called them in quickly "SONIC!!! AMY, COME INSIDE NOW THERE IS A STORM COMING!!" so Amy and Sonic run in and go to the throne room and Amy looked scared, sh eclosed her eyes and fell to the ground she was sensing something was coming "Amy are you ok?"
"I am fine but I have bad news that dark cloud that looks like is getting red, really is the rissing of the darkness it is building up with energy for the  creatures of drakness to travel to our would and take over, so we need to stop it quickly" Sonic looked at her and then looked at his mum and she staryed to give a worried look and told him to take Amy up to his rom and keep her there and to tell her father that she will be staying here tonight thanks to a storm that is dangerous.

Sonic was worried what was going to happen and why are they coming now of all times find out what happens in part three
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Wow good story :icongreatjobplz: I must read part 3. Plz...^-^
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